Synthetic Gut Tennis Strings
  • Gauge :  16G / 1.3mm
  • Length:   12.2m (Packing)  
  • 200m (Reel) available
  • Material:   Synthetic
  • Co-Polymer core with high modulus monofilament wraps and nylon coating
  • Thin gauge improves playability.
  • High tensile strength for increased durability.
  • Enhanced resiliency for optimum performance
IQ Core Tennis Strings
  • Gauge :  16G / 1.28mm
  • Length:   12.2m (Packing
  • Material:   Multi-filament
  • Twisted & processed with High-modulus multi-filament core.
  • Dyna-tech spiral fibre with highly elastic polyurethane solution.
  • Utilized the latest control oriente polyurethane coated multi-filament core, this stiffens the overall string led to provide superior precision & control.  
  • Also offers the benefit of added comfort feel & durability.
IQ Elite Tennis String
  • Gauge :  16G / 1.32mm
  • 17G / 1.24mm
  • Length:   12.2m (Packing)
  • Material:   Multi-filament
  • Advanced nylon microfibre filament provide enhanced elasticity and resiliency
  • Pure multi-filament construction
  • Thermo-Process polyurethane resin
  • Increased Power
  • Great comfort & shock dampening
  • Soft resilient feel
IQ Poly XT
  • Gauge :  16G / 1.28mm 
  • 17G / 1.23mm
  • Length:   12.2m (Packing)
  • 200m (Reel)
  • Material:   Polyester
  • Highly elastic CO-Polyester with advanced resin coating for extended durability.
  • Optimum balance of power & control
  • Superior durability & tension maintenance
  • Soft feel with maximum spin potential
Super Spin Tennis String
  • Gauge :  17G / 1.25-1.29mm
  • Length:   12.2m (Packing)
  • Material:   Synthetic
  • Texured surface created by contrasting multi-diameters layers of mono Outer-wraps allows the player to generate more exaggerated spins with improved shot placement and control.
  • Designed for the serious "Spin Players."
Expert TP Tennis String
  • Gauge :  16G / 1.3mm
  • Length:   12.2m (Packing)
  • Material:   Synthetic+Multi-filament
  • Constructed from multi-filament thermoplastic fibres that are wrapped around a high tenacity centre core, with Dupont nylon outer wrap plus SBP coating to center an exceptional string.
  • Gives outstanding liveliness & responsive performance with enhanced touch and control.